New York Dog Shows Scheduled for September 25th, 2021

Upper New York State dog clubs have submitted Conformation Dog Shows for approval and sanctioning to the American Canine Association, Inc. (ACA.) The shows are slated for September 25th, 2021 and will be held in the Finger Lakes regions of central New York. The primary goals of these shows are for professional dog breeders and fanciers to have their adult breeding dogs closely evaluated and compared to the official standard of the breed. Breeders participating in the shows also receive accreditation towards their Star Breeder “Achievement of Excellence” annual award. Only the nation’s top breeders meet the high standards set forth in this highly coveted award. Detailed specification of the award’s criteria can be obtained at

ACA Dog Show location:


Ontario Produce Auction
4860 Yazi Road
Stnaley, NY 14561


New York ACA Dog Show Entry Form

Click here print or download the New York ACA Dog Show Entry Form for September, 25th, 2021

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